Chemical Engineering Department, AUTh
Analytical Chemistry Lab
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FTIR spectroscopy
TG analysis
TOC determination
Single and double beam UV/Vis spectroscopy
Gas chromatography
Formation press, grinding systems, rotary dryer, atmospheric particles sampler, high-accuracy balances, ultrasonic baths, shaking systems, high-capacity centrifuges
Graphite furnace and flame atomic absorption spectroscopy
HPLC with UV-VIS and fluorescence detectors, ion chromatography (2 systems, single and double column)
Electrophoretic mobility measurments (zeta potential)
Leaching tests
Dryer, high-temperature furnaces, ovens
Metallographic optical microscope
Ozone generator
Particle size counter
Mercury determination
Carbonate determination
Ball-mill FRITSCH Pulverisette 6
Digestion system Anton Paar, Multiwave Go
Catalytic ozonation pilot unit