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Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 2nd semester A) Theory R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, M. Mitrakas B) Laboratory R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, M. Mitrakas, I. Tsivintzelis, I. Georgiou, S. Pimenidis, E. Kotali, E. Tzibilis Physical processes 6th semester M. Mitrakas Novel Methods in Instumental Analysis >5th semester R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, M. Mitrakas, I. Georgiou, S. Pimenidis Hygiene and Safety in Industry >5th semster R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, I. Georgiou Water Quality and Treatment >5th semster M. Mitrakas Practical Training - Environment >8th semster M. Mitrakas
Laboratory Exercises of Instrumental Analysis R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, C. Sikalidis, M. Mitrakas, I. Georgiou, S. Pimenidis, Notes Laboratory Exercises of Qulitative Analytical Chemistry R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, Notes Analytical Chemistry - Chemical Equilibrium ΙΣΟΡΡΟΠΙΑ R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, Notes Pollution and Cultural Heritage R. Tzimou-Tsitouridou, Notes Quality Characteristics and Treatment of Water M. Mitrakas, Editor Tziolas
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