Analytical    Chemiostry    Laboratory    was    established    in    1973    together    with    Department    of    Chemical Engineering   of Aristotle   University   of   Thessaloniki.   It   is   a   part of   Chemistry   Section   and   it   is   situated   in   the   1st   floor   of building   C   of   Polytechnic   School.   Today,   the   Laboratory’s research    activities    occupy    2    academics    and    2    Scientific collaborators. The   Laboratory   is   responsible   for   several   fundamental   and selection   courses   of   the   Department’s   course   programme while   a   number   of   PhD,   Diploma   and   Master   Theses   are under   progress.   Scientists   and   students   from   abroad   also participate    in    the    international    research    and    exchange programs of the Laboratory.. The    Laboratory    offers    the    required    facilities    for    the    complete chemical   analysis   of   smaples   in   the   solid,   liwuid   or   gas   state.   The research    is    concentrated    in    the    study    of   Atmosphere    Pollution, Technology of Water and Industrial  Installations Safety . In   this   frame,   many   scientific   and   technical   studies   are   perfromed while    measurment    and    chemical    analysis    services        are    also provided to public and private parts.
Chemical Engineering Department, AUTh
Analytical Chemistry Lab
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Chemistry Section-Department of Chemical Engineering AUTh 1st floor buliding C Polytechnic School 3rd September & Egnatia Str 54124 Thessaloniki tel. +30 2310 996256   fax +30 2310996228
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